Creating your own top ranking Iphone app without any expirience.


 (Me Jason)

Ever since the start of the so called "Smartphones" i've been intrigued by the apps that some of these developers were able to create for these platforms.
I have seen other people and friends developing their own apps and making big bucks with it.
They went trough years of learning how to code and even with this knowledge they still had to struggle for a long time to finish their products.
Me being the idiot among my friends, lets say i knew how to start my computer and browse google but that was were my knowledge ended wanted to achieve the same things they did.

Years later i've developed over 14 IOS apps and have had several top ranked ones.
I can easily say that i've earned more from one app then all my friends did with all of their apps combined. Making me a stable six figure income. And definetly in the top part of the six figures.

I started of with no developing skills, no money and no team to help me out. And yet i created my first IOS App in 4 weeks and it was my 2nd most profitable app i've made yet.

How did i do it ?

As i told you, i didn't know how to devlop anything. I had no prior expirience and was completly new to this world.

What does somebody who doesn't know anything do first?

Thats right, i gathered a whole lot of information and went on a search to learn as much as i possibly could. However, most people who become really succesful in this buissness wont share any information with you.

untill i found out about this new program.

It guided me trough every step of the way. It wasn't a hard grind but it was fun and easy. I only got the most practical information and recieved step by step instructions. I first learned how to create an app which believe me is only a small step of the way.
After that i learned how to monetize and market my app and start earning a decent amount of money with it.
And after that i just kept developing and developing untill i hit the jackpot.

 The things that they teached me made me the man that i am today and i will be forever gratefull for that. I can provide for my family now and more. The best advice that i can give you if you want to make your own app is; don't be intimidated by how complicated it looks because believe me it looks a whole lot more complicated then it actually is.

Want to join me and make your own IOS App ??

Click on the "available on the appstore"  image to go to the IOS App Building Secret"

Or follow this link:


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Creating your own top ranking Iphone app without any expirience.

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